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08:50  24 august  2021
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Covid-19 has impacted the world on so many levels. It drastically affected our way of living in a way that we can no longer do the things that we are used to. That also changed how we accomplish our tasks. Since we are stuck at home, we are forced to shift from doing things manually to the use of smartphones and computer devices.

That includes managing documents. But doing it today is easier since we don't need to handle the hard copy of files with the help of various computer tools. But because there are so many computer tools you can find on the web today, finding the best one that will do your job can be super tough. Hence the importance of knowing which one we should use.


File conversion is a useful process. It allows us to change our file format to make it suitable for the task that we need to accomplish. Converting files makes security, size reduction, compatibility, easy sharing, and more possible. But like what I have mentioned, finding a good file converter is a complicated and stressful task.

With PDFBear, all your dilemmas in file conversion will go away in no time. It is a great website that offers the most number of file converting tools on the web today. That means you can convert multiple files with different formats in just one platform. In addition, it can convert more than five formats, including PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, PDFA, PNG, HTML, and vice versa.

There are still so many things that PDFBear can do other than transforming your file format. For example, compressing files to lessen their storage consumption in your device is also possible using PDFBear. It also has a fantastic tool that will repair your broken files. It is also effective in securing files to ensure that no unauthorized access can happen to them.

Norton Antivirus

Just like in the physical world, we need to do everything in our power to protect ourselves and our documents because some files contain information that can be used against the people we love and us. That is why there are laws like the data privacy act to help us ensure our privacy and protection. But more so with our files in the virtual world.

Keeping our documents on our computer devices can be more challenging since there are more ways to hack and destroy them. But worrying too much shouldn't stop you from living your life to the fullest. Thanks to Norton Antivirus, all your worries about these computer hackers and malware will be gone in no time because it provides protection like no other.

You can get real-time protection so you can ensure you are safe while using your device. It also detects malicious files that can potentially damage your computer and files. They also have a cloud system where you can back up your files. This software may not be free of charge, but it has affordable subscription plans, so you can still protect your file without spending so much.


One of the first features we consider when buying a device is storage. But no matter how big your device's storage space, it becomes full from all the applications, movies, photos, and documents we store in it. Although deleting some of them is an option, we just can't delete files because they have sentimental values and some files are essential for work.

With Dropbox, you can remove your files on your device and transfer them to the cloud, so it does not consume any storage space. In addition, with this platform, you can access your file anytime without totally deleting them.

Its 256-bit protocol Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) can also give you peace of mind because you can ensure that nobody can open them without your permission. Lastly, everyone can use it because it is free to use.


Don't get me wrong, doing things manually is not such a bad thing. On the contrary, there are many benefits in doing things manually, using our hands, getting sweaty and all. But with the aid of technology, the accomplishment of our tasks becomes faster, and the output becomes better. This is why we rely on computers and smartphones so much.

Because it renders better results, we rely on it way better than on ourselves and other people. But that does not mean that these tools are perfect. Yes, we also experience errors while using them. But that does not change that it helped us on so many levels and changed our lives for the better.

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Digital World: Top 3 Tools to Manage Files in Your Computer
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